The Brand

Tailored jeans, graphic tees, cool fleece sweaters, authentic jackets and warm parkas… Finger in the Nose reinterprets the classics and essentials of the youth wardrobe with a bold attitude.

Our love for clean and timeless designs and our desire to create long-lasting garments, naturally drives us to use quality materials and create functional products.

We design clothes capable of following contemporary kids everywhere, everyday and for a long time to come.


'Must-haves' in children’s winter wardrobes.

Water repellent and filled with genuine french duck feathers, our down jackets guarantee ultimate comfort and protection in cold weather. We have selected the best quality, Eldeven. Eldeven down and feathers are strictly selected from the world’s best origins. They are cleaned with antibacterial soaps, sterilised and dusted at each step of the process, to provide a maximum purity, and this is all done with great care and respect for the environment. With Eldeven filling, our products have exceptional performance in insulation and lightness. Our down jackets are available in a variety of cuts and colors to suit every taste and need. They combine style and functionality and are perfect for urban and outdoor activities.

Graphic Tees

High quality european fabrics and strong design.

All our graphics are original creations and are essentials in our brand’s DNA. It’s all about freedom, beach culture, music, wildlife, motorcycle culture... Children are fond of them and parents like the way they look!


We love jeans. They are more than just a piece of clothing.

We manufacture the best jeans for kids, built to combine comfort, style and quality. We leave nothing to chance, each piece from our collection has been studied and controlled to give children the best quality they desserve: 9 to 11 oz european real denim, 3% lycra, fully reinforced with nickel free rivets, high quality metal auto lock zippers, flattened french seams, adjustable waistbands… Each cut detail and material choice has been carefully chosen to guarantee that children feel good in their jeans whether it’s a slim, straight, skinny or comfort fit. We provide the widest palet of washes and treatments. Our selection of jeans is as complete as the best adult jean brands.

Raw denim

It is more stiff with a deep blue color and has a distinctive sheen. We only rinse them to avoid shrinkage.

Stone Wash

This wash gums colors, making the jeans look used as if they have already been worn.

Bleach Wash

It makes the jeans’ color clear and faded, for a "vintage" effect.

Snow Wash

Very popular in the 1980’s, this wash gives jeans a very special look: a bit trash and "dirty" but with a cool attitude.

Wool and Knitwear

Children’s skin is sensitive. Our knitwear must therefore feel good… The best way to reconcile kids with their sweaters is softness. We use 100 % european soft wool fabrics such as Geelong merino, Alpaca, and Angora. Add our famous little trick, the thumb-hole, and they’ll even ask to wear it…