Leather Strap Watch by LIP / Ref. 1892042

Mach 2000 Mafia Mini Moon watch is an amazing creation designed by Roger Tallon, a pioneer in design. Roger Tallon is a genius of design, he is the creator of many items of our daily life. He also developed many things in the industrial field.
For the Mach 2000 watch, Roger Tallon transformed the classical watch shape in a genuine design item. Each detail of this watch has an ergonomic function : wellbeing to wear the watch, easy to read the hour, easy to move the wrist. Thanks to its asymmetrical case’s shape and its red button, the Mach 2000 Mafia Mini Moon has a unique design. The retro style of this watch keeps all its authenticity. Roger Tallon took inspiration from the aeronautic field for some materials.

History :
Roger Tallon is a French designer considered as one of the most important creator of the French industrial design. He is a pioneer and a visionary in the design field. He is the designer of the TGV : ergonomics, colors, lights, visual identity.
He is the first designer to create watches for a watchmaking company. He invented the Camera Duplex 9,5mm for Pathé, in 1954, and the Teleavia, the first portable TV, in 1966. He also created the famous helical stairs. He worked seven years for General Motors. Then, as a teacher, he is the one who created the first industrial design course by creating the design department of decorative arts superior national school, in Paris.

Roger Tallon
1975 revised 2008

Watch reference
189 20 42

Strap reference
M size length 230 mm / 100 202

Buckle reference
150 230


black / s. steel / 30 mètres / 30X28 mm


black / light brown lining / genuine leather

ronda 763


Gender : woman

Style : contemporary

Display : hands

Strap Material : leather

Strap Color : Black

Case Material : steel

Dial Color : Black

Case Color : Black

Movement : Quartz

179.00 €