Shadow of a Rose

by Movie Star Junkies / LP Vinyl + Digital / Teenage Menopause

Movie Star Junkies - Shadow of a Rose


Six years since the release of the incredible "Evil Moods" on Voodoo Rhythm Records and after a change in lineup and uncountable concerts around Europe, Movie Star Junkies are back with their 5th album, "Shadow Of A Rose", to be released this March on Teenage Menopause. This album is the missing link between the previous albums "A Poison Tree" and "Son Of The Dust" with coarse tracks and violent intervals ranging from ballads to songs which are already classics using unmistakable songwriting and literary references that extend from William Faulkner to Hubert Selby Jr. Their approach remains unique and recognizable with its roots coming from such bands as Gun Club and Birthday Party.

The sound of Movie Star Junkies has no equals, neither on the album nor during their wild live performances which have been developed and consolidated over the course of years of concerts, two American tours, prestigious festivals and a discography that boasts tons of releases including albums, singles, splits and compilations for labels all around the globe. "Shadow Of A Rose", recorded by Massimiliano Moccia and mastered by the band's former bassist, Emanuele Baratto at Bigsnuff Studios in Berlin, will be released on a premium quality Vinyl and Cd wrapped into an exclusive artwork by Roxane Andres. 

17.00 €