Small Town Graffiti

by Lispector / Black Vinyl LP + Digital Download / Teenage Menopause

Lispector - Small Town Graffiti 


Lispector, aka Julie Margot, is the jewel of lo-fi pop, made in Bordeaux. She produces great music, on her own, since 1996, only using her synths, a sequencer and a rhythm machine. From New York to Brighton, she has written and recorded hundreds of tracks, a great album (Guide to Personal Happiness), a great split with Petit Fantôme, and has released a 4-tracks compilation of her demos, curated by the just as great Andy Votel of Finders Keepers.

What there is to know about Julie Margat’s music cannot be found under the « bio » tab of any website, but only by tirelessly listening to each one of the tracks on Lispector. Only then would you too, maybe, understand the difficulty of explaining what makes Julie Margat’s music so delightful. Maybe, you too, would see how the fact that she shares the name of the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector makes perfect sense, for they both have a certain power to tell stories we wish would never end. Maybe, you too, would be overwhelmed by the sweet pop coming to your ears, reminding you of the first times you listened to Beat Happening - full of the sounds of teenage years and of bittersweet summer ends - or to Lee Hazlewood - mindfully, finally understanding what can be so seizing about words.

Maybe, you too, will listen to her latest album, « Small Town Graffiti », released on October 11th 2019, on Teenage Menopause Records, wondering how come you lived without listening to Julie Margat’s music for the last 20 years. All bets are off, and we are confident.

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