Window Has No Glass

by Delacave / Lim Ed.12"Vinyl + Digital Download / Teenage Menopause

Delacave - Window Has No Glass


For those already following the sinuous and startling journey of Delacave, here is another piece to add to the puzzle.

Seb and Lili, historical backbones of the mythical « Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est », are here introducing an intimate and unique record, written and  recorded from their home, in the Drôme.

No quartet as in their previous album, released a year before, but only a duo this time, for personal, relaxed,  homemade tracks.

The atmospheres are muffled, but the intention is always as acute. The arrangements and interludes reveal a certain delicacy and innocence, barely hidden.

The melodies of flute, guitar or vocals are swaying hymns, carried by synths as leading lights in a shifting space. 

This is an odd and beautiful album, unclassifiable, it recalls that of Heimat, which we still cannot get enough of !

15.00 €