FINGER IN THE NOSE is a high-end jeans and sportswear brand with Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon influences.

Founded in 2003 in Paris by the Norwegian designer Siv Tone Kverneland, the brand was born from her passion for denim in all its forms and from her desire to offer a signature brand for kids with an adult edge.

FINGER IN THE NOSE is a gentle alchemy between fashion and sportswear functionality, with a casual Scandinavian touch. Keeping in mind the idea of timeless yet creative garments, the collections offer beautiful clothes created to last.


The person behind the brand, the designer Siv Tone Kverneland.

Siv Tone grew up in the fresh air of the Norwegian countryside before moving to Paris in the early ‘90s to finish her fashion studies. A big fan of horses, outdoor sports, the world of skateboarding and BMX, and lulled by folk music and Anglo-Saxon rock, her passion for fashion started at an early age.

 “Every month, I would ride my bike into town to buy Vogue – my ultimate bible.”

The idea of creating a fashion brand for kids came to her during a trip to Japan. Fascinated by Japanese denim and clean cuts, Siv Tone, who had just had her daughter, designed a pair of slim jeans for children, the very first on the market at that time. The year was 2003, FINGER IN THE NOSE was born.


The collections quickly expanded to include high-end down jackets, bold graphic t-shirts, vibrant colors, lots of blacks - the brand’s signature color - and the famous jeans, making FINGER IN THE NOSE the avant-garde brand in kid’s fashion.

"Our clients, who envied their children's FINGER IN THE NOSE wardrobe, would regularly ask us to make the same pieces for adults!” 

Indeed, FINGER IN THE NOSE rapidly seduced parents with authentic pieces from the collective memory: parkas, teddy jackets, jeans, down jackets, plaid shirts, etc.

Since summer 2021, FINGER IN THE NOSE clothing start at size 2 years up to adult size L/31, to dress the entire tribe.

With more than 200 designs, FINGER IN THE NOSE is distributed in 25 countries and welcomes you in its two Parisian stores in the 3rd and 9th districts, or online at


Since Spring-Summer 2021, we have launched FINGER DENIM, a new spin-off brand, a complete line of timeless denim products: "New American Classics". From our historic fits to brand new designs, 11 different jean styles and a range of other essentials such as jackets, shirts, bermuda shorts and overalls, all denim. And a collection of super basic off-white and ash black T-shirts, tank tops and polos, all made of organic cotton.



The down jacket has been one of the brand’s historical products since 2005. Made of high-quality French down and assembled in China – where there is a true expertise for these type of products - the comfort and warmth these jackets provide correspond to our values of functionality and comfort. Breathable, warm, light, compressible, the filling is made of 80% French duck down & 20% feathers. 

Down is a sustainable resource and a natural insulator. Down filling has over 85% less environmental impact compared to polyester filling. Choosing down is an environmentally responsible choice.


Jeans are our “raison d'être”. The brand was born with a single design that became iconic, the Norton.

Today, 10 different jean cuts are available in several colors and materials, made of heavy cotton quality denim fabric. Slim, straight, flared, balloon, baggy, ... all designed, cut and tested for perfect wear for all shapes, sizes and ages.

In an effort to be more virtuous, we reduced the use of elastane in our products and our jeans are made in Tunisia with locally produced fabrics, thus limiting transportation.


T-shirts, sweatshirts & sweatpants are the essentials of a transgenerational, unisex and all season wardrobe. The original graphic designs are mainly from our collaborations with artists. Made in Europe and of 100% cotton, some items are now made of organic cotton. 


Our skins are sensitive, so all our knitwear is made of ultra-soft wools such as merino, alpaca and wool blends, chosen for their great softness and style. Our knits come in a wide range of colors and patterns.


Each piece of our collections combines style, comfort and durability.

We favor resistant, easy-to-wear, easy-to-maintain products, for a contemporary and functional wardrobe. 

Our cuts are carefully studied for sizes 2 years up to L/31. We seek to obtain the "perfect fit" through multiple fittings on different age categories and body shapes.

Due to our wide knowledge and love of denim, our jeans have precise cuts, are made of high-quality fabrics and have fine details.

Our knits must be soft and pleasant to wear.

The details are clever: thumb holes, tabs for tightening pants, ...

Our natural feather down jackets - the core of our winter collections - are super warm and light.

Our aesthetics are constantly evolving to offer a wide range of designs, cuts and graphics, with a constant attention to detail and style.


FINGER IN THE NOSE is a brand that has always strived to be sustainable, but knows it can do better. 

Where are we at today?

  • Durable relationships with our certified suppliers.
  • Since the beginning in 2003, we have remained loyal to a pool of suppliers, consistent with our values and quality of our products, and who guarantee good, safe and fair working conditions while respecting the environment.
  • Our suppliers are located in Portugal, China, Tunisia and India.
  • Minimize transportation.
    The use of local materials at the production site, transportation by truck in Europe and by boat when possible for the more distant countries, are essential to us.
  • Eco-friendly materials.

Whenever possible, we use certified materials, organic or recycled cotton, and natural feathers that respect animal welfare. While unfortunately this is not always possible regarding some products for scale or economic reasons, we always look for the best solutions and seek improvement.

  • Product sustainability
    By offering high-quality products designed to last, we encourage hand-me-downs to family members and friends.

We create products we can be proud of in terms of style, quality, production and customer perception.  

Through small and sometimes big decisions, we seek to be more virtuous. We know that the road is long and the challenges great: further reducing our ecological impact, strengthening our social responsibility, etc. All these commitments are our way of moving forward because the real challenge is minimizing the impact consumer goods production has on our planet.

Size guide


Age 2/3Y 4/5Y 6/7Y 8/9Y 10/11Y 12/13Y
CM 94 110 122 134 145 155
Inch 37" 43" 48" 52,5" 57" 61"

Teens & Adults

Size XS S M L
Age 14Y 16Y 18Y -
CM 155-165 165-170 170-175 175-185
Inch 61"-65" 65"-67" 67"-69" 69"-73"

Adults Jeans

Size 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
CM 155-165 157-167 165-170 167-172 170-175 172-182 175-185
Inch 61"-65" 62"-66" 65"-67" 66"-68" 67"-69" 66"-72" 69"-73"


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